7 Anti-Aging Tips That Every Woman Should Use


If you don’t like the crow’s feet in the corner of your eyes, you’re not alone. Add to that all those sleepless nights and heavy makeup, and your skin could probably use a rejuvenating strategy or two.

By the time you hit 30, you’ll probably start thinking about the ways to prevent early signs of aging or erase the emerging ones. Despite the fact that we cannot turn back the clock, there are ways you can help your skin age like fine wine: gracefully and beautifully.

Start from within

As your first line of defense against environmental damage, your skin needs proper nutrition. That is why your dermatologist will probably start by assessing your diet instead of simply prescribing a pricey skincare set. When you think of feeding your skin, keep in mind that all the goodies your waistline loves are also preferred by your complexion!

Think about antioxidant-rich fruits that stave off free-radical damage, fiber-packed veggies, and protein-loaded foods for collagen production. All of these nutrients are essential for keeping your skin radiant and wrinkle-free!

One sip at a time

No need to drop your morning cup of joe just yet. Still, kicking the soda habit would do your health and beauty much good, and if you replace it with more water, all the better for your skin! Remember that we are literally around 70% made of water? It’s only natural that your skin needs proper hydration to protect its elasticity, resilience, and keep dirt buildup at bay.

With enough water to support your diet, your skin can naturally detox every day. Whether it’s through sweating or sebum production, your skin aims to keep away the dead skin cells, all the pollution, and the chemicals from your makeup. Water is the best filtering ingredient your skin needs, so don’t skimp on this lovely fluid!

Stay sun-safe

What’s your priority: a bronze complexion or healthy skin? Due to climate changes, sun’s harmful rays are more damaging to our skin than ever. To that end, you should consider staying away from the sun as much as possible and even when you do go out, you should wear sunscreen, your trusty pair of shades, and perhaps even a hat for extra protection.

Some of the best-known all-natural sunscreens include the Badger selection which includes a body and a face lotion for the hottest summer days. With such a mighty sun-protection strategy, your skin will remain supple and smooth, with no blemishes and dark spots often caused by exposure to the sun.

Go au naturel

We know you love your red lipstick and your favorite foundation, but less is more when it comes to makeup and your skin health. For some, this may seem counterintuitive – doesn’t a touch of makeup hide all those unsightly wrinkles? It does to an extent, but it also clogs your pores and overburdens your skin with chemicals found in many of your beautifying products.

Using a full makeup look from time to time won’t do you much harm, but it’s vital to keep it to a minimum on a daily basis so that your skin can breathe and regenerate.

Don’t forget your scrubs

So to what do the most stunning divas owe their youthful glow? According to Dr. Harold Lancer, who treats numerous gorgeous celebs such as Beyoncé, the secret ingredient is your exfoliator! However, it’s important to choose mild ingredients for daily scrubbing, and save the more powerful ones for weekly and monthly exfoliation.

Of course, that only works if you stick to a healthy, sugar-free diet, don’t skip your beauty sleep, and pick only high-quality ingredients for your skincare. When you remove dirt buildup on a regular basis, you keep your pores clean and prevent imperfections that lead to a dull, tired look.

Find your stress detox routine

If you by any chance discover how we can eliminate stress for good – please reach out and let us know. Until that discovery sets us free, negativity and tension will be a regular part of our lives, and they constantly affect our health and beauty. In fact, too much of the stress hormone, cortisol, is one of the leading culprits of premature aging.

In order to minimize the effects of stress, why not create your own soothing ritual? For instance, why not treat yourself to a L’Occitane massage oil from time to time, spend a weekend in nature with your significant other, or set up a spa escape with your besties? Whatever makes you feel better and restores your inner Zen, do it! Keep the stress away and your skin will retain its youthful radiance.

Use Retinoids

So many wonderful skincare products flaunt this term, but do you truly understand what retinoids are and how they help your skin stay young? These compounds are derived from vitamin A, which is a crucial micro-nutrient that slows down the clock. When used in lotions and creams, they can be a powerful ally in reducing your lines and giving you a smooth complexion.

Retinoids stimulate the production of collagen, and they keep your complexion pure by fending off acne and similar issues. In case you are new to retinoids, use them in small amounts and slowly increase the dosage over time, with your dermatologist’s guidance!


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