Fashion Tips for Busy Working Moms in 2018


If you’re a mom of little ones, chances are your life doesn’t feel like it belongs to you. There’s a lot of scheduling, chaos and fun at all times. If you feel like you’ve been in a position where you’ve lost touch with your feminine side, don’t worry. Instead of encouraging you to get back to how you used to be, it’s best to focus on how you can find your “new normal” and get in touch with the woman you are today. Consider these key tips to help you feel gorgeous while you’re on the go with the little ones in tow.

Lipstick and Lashes

A brightly colored lipstick is a sure-fire way to make a bold statement with your face. You can choose a universally-flattering color like ruby red or blush pink. If you’d like to try a daring option, consider colors like black, navy blue and gray. Matte lipsticks are currently the most popular in the beauty industry. Lashes frame the face so beautifully and give a woman that extra feminine appeal. Sugar Lash Pro and other brands provide fantastic options.

Choosng both Comfort and Style

It can be so easy to fall out of style, especially when you’re a busy working mom and all of your energy and effort goes into bringing up your kids. But rather than choosing comfort over style, why not go for outfits that provide both? For example, instead of pulling on a hoodie and some flip flops, try a belted tunic (a trend Naomi Watts often follows) and those comfy ballerina flats. Same leggings – two totally different outfits that can either make you look polished and put together or like you haven’t slept in days. We know that you might really have not slept in days, however we just figure you might not want to look like that.

Baseball Caps and Boleros

There are days when you might have a bad hair day. Instead of spending too much time dealing with it, slick your hair back into a ponytail with a hairbrush, gel and a ponytail holder. Once you have it all secured, now is the time to throw on a fashionable baseball cap. If you want to look a little more chic and dressy, consider wearing a bolero hat. It can take a regular outfit and easily make it more fabulous. Boleros work especially well in the fall and winter seasons.


There are so many fun ways to wear leggings. There are even jeggings (jean leggings). Enjoy the ease and comfortability of wearing leggings. Try subtle yet fun patterns in darker colors. Army fatigue is a fun print that tends to go with a lot of colors. During the colder months, consider trying leather leggings for a chic look. Leggings are great because they’re easy to throw on and match with almost any combination.

At the end of it all, it’s so crucial to remember that your mental health and sanity come first. It doesn’t make sense to look amazing if you don’t feel amazing. Take it one step at a time and refuse to beat yourself up. It might take a few weeks or months to figure out which look works best for the woman you are today. Give yourself wiggle room to discover and be in touch with what your heart wants. Once you’re in alignment, your confidence will soar and it’ll be hard for any passerby to take their eyes off of you.

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