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At, we do our very best to maintain high standards every day. However, due to a glut of low quality submissions, and submissions seeking what is basically free advertising, we have become very selective in what we accept and now accept only content that is unique, informative and engaging.

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Please make sure that the article you submit is unique,  interesting, and really useful. It could be about Makeup Tutorials, Skin and Hair Care, Gifts and Accessories or latest fashion and style trends relating to Workwear, Wedding, Beauty and Fitness. We also accept Home Decor and Travel tips with original photos. Mundane topics will be rejected.

So basically we have a few Guest post guidelines that you cannot do without:

  • Again, post contents must be related to Fashion/Style/Beauty/Fitness/Makeup/Image styling/Home Decor/Travel Tips.
  • Content must be the Guest blogger’s own original piece.
  • Content having too many grammar or spelling mistakes will be rejected.
  • All submissions must be of at least 800 or more words.
  • GoinFashion makes it mandatory to have images accompany the Guest Post. They have to be your own photos or at least copyright free. Please include credits wherever applicable. And of course they have to be relevant.
  • GoinFashion will of course give you credit as the author of your post. You are allowed 1 link (no-follow) in your byline which will be displayed at the bottom of your guest blog post. This must not be an affiliate link or point to an E-Commerce site.
  • We also allow 2 external links (again no-follow) which can be inserted at beginning or end of the blog Post (Links to any porn site will be removed immediately)
  • GoinFashion reserves the right to make edits wherever and whenever necessary (You will certainly be informed about it).

A friendly suggestion. Do try to make sure your post has an awesome headline; headlines are pivotal to the success of your post.

How will you submit your Guest Post?

If you are sure, we mean really sure that you have read and followed all the above guidelines, you can send your article to goinfashionglobal[at]gmail[dot]com.

We really can’t wait to read your best piece!

For Brands/Manufacturers/Advertisers and Fashion Designers.

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